Black Metal Introduction

 A  quick history lesson (We love them don’t we?). The phenomenon that is Black Metal took off in its earliest form in the early to mid 1980’s and reached its peak during its second wave in the early 90’s throughout Scandinavia. Inspired by all things dark, a small group of musicians set about stirring up a revolution musically, and inadvertently, set the wheels in motion for something that would to this day remain one of Norway’s biggest musical exports.

OK, so whilst that is an extremely short overview of the Black metal scene, no doubt thwart with stereotypes and inaccuracies, this series of posts isn’t intended to re-hash the same information that has no doubt been written about a thousand times over and there is no intention of trying to explain the history of Black Metal either because let’s face it; unless you were there, it’s mostly conjecture.

This series of posts however is intended to highlight some of the more recent artists that have been inspired by Black Metal and to take a look at how their work has grown under its wing.


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