Alberto Cerriteño

Alberto Cerriteño has probably one of the most recognisable brands in the illustration world at present. Even if you aren’t aware of his work purely by name it is almost certain that you will have seen a snippet of his work around the many on-line print shops, websites and illustration blogs.

Well we are no different, we don’t believe in giving exposure to artists we don’t like and we couldn’t care less whether they are mainstream or underground.

Mexican illustrator Cerriteño has risen to the top of his respective field by producing some of the most impressive work that I have seen in a long time, so much so that I have actually ordered a print of his ‘Enamored Owl’ to hang on my wall. Cerriteño manages to produce work that is both child like and mature at the same time through his use of whimsical characters and a highly refined combination of digital and traditional tools, which is no mean feat. It is rare that you actually see an artist that can produce work that fits comfortably into so many different domains, whether it be greetings cards, t-shirts, fabrics and home-ware to higher end products like prints and silk-screens but Cerriteño’s style does just that.

My only hope is that Cerriteño’s work doesn’t become too over exposed and end up adorning everything that can be possibly printed on, but if it does, and it would be well deserved, I can always look back at my print of ‘The Enamored Owl’ and enjoy a truly inspiration piece of illustration.


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