Nordic countries seem to produce some of my favourite musicians and have done for quite some time. Across the board, in any genre of music I listen to there will always be someone from this region at the top of my list or not far from it.

Anyway, so on one of my daily browses through Beatport I came across this brilliantly catchy song by young Swedish producer Björnberg, and when I say young, I mean young. Have a read of his bio taken from the Zouk recordings website.

Bjornberg “Absolut”) Sweden has some interesting musical stories to tell. Not only does it have the SHM and Avicii, it also has the musical talent of Adam Björnberg to fill silence. Residing under his Björnberg moniker, the 17-year-old(!) brings us the thunderous beats of ‘Absolut’.

Absolut’ is a piece of music that can get any crowd moving, whether at the start, peak-time or end of the night. Its prog-housy stabs, frisky beats and relentless energy invite you to a game of big-room pleasure. Absolute’ is absolutely going to kill your feet! Just the way we like it…

Zouk Recordings seem to have a knack at the moment of releasing these types of anthemic songs that get into your bones, most notably for us ‘Svenksa‘ and ‘Hi Scandinavia‘ by the Russian duo ‘Matisse & Sadko‘ which are two of our most played songs this year. Maybe we will do a top 10 Zouk Recordings playlist and post it on our page for you to listen to and tell us what you think.

So, what are your thoughts on this track? let us know and upload your playlists to our page so we can share the fun!


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