Dylan XvX

Dylan XvX is another artist I came across through the Anti-Sweden Design Competition.

Here is Dylan’s backstory taken from his website.

“I am an activist, artist and printmaker. Growing up in the punk and hardcore scene of Northeast Pennsylvania, I began exploring forms of printmaking at a young age to create shirts and patches for friend’s bands, as well as my own, using cardboard stencils and spray paint.  Through this basic method of image making, I was able to teach myself crude, basic screen-printing.  Since then I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking from Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, NY.

My work is made primarily through techniques of screen-printing, woodcut, and drawing, exploring occultism, as well as the relationships, and continually growing distance, between humans and the natural world.”

I find it quite interesting that the competition entries for the Anti-Sweden competition were so diverse as they seem to have a niche that they are trying to fit into. Dylan’s piece was the eventual winner of the competition and it must have been a difficult decision for the judges as all the designs work so well as t-shirts and as stand alone designs.

Well done to Dylan and the t-shirt is now available for pre-order.



  1. DylanXVX wrote:

    Thank you for the kind words! I’m enjoying the work you’re showing on your site.

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