Erik Arbores

What is going on in the world? last week we focussed on 17 year old Swedish producer, Björnberg. Well, if you thought that was too young to be signed to a well known record label then you would be wrong, very wrong, step up Erik Arbores.

This 14 year old, yes 14!, is signed to the same label as Björnberg and has just released a 6 track E.P, well, technically 3, the other 3 tracks are radio edits of the previous 3, nevertheless, to be releasing an E.P at 14, on Zouk Recordings, is no small accomplishment. What is even more impressive is that the E.P is actually very, very good. Now this might happen with the major Pop music labels around the world, you know the deal, signing young kids to record labels and then having them lip sync for a few years before developing a serious drug habit. This is just not the case in the EDM world, You have to earn the right to be able to release a track on a major label and that is done through skill and nothing more.

Erik’s E.P entitled ‘Take It’ is a collection of very catchy, hooky progressive house tracks and if I had to compare the tracks to anyone off the top of my head it would probably be Swedish producer Avicii. Again though, I don’t like sitting here and reviewing music when you can go and listen to it for yourself!

Don’t be disheartened out their though, it turns out that Erik is a kid genius having already left High School at 13 to study physics at University.

Let us know what you think of Erik’s music and if you have come across an even younger producer or musician!


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