Free music is great isn’t it, well, OK, not always, but when its good, then its great! Now, a quick side note/rant before we go any further. I have no idea how this singer isn’t signed (cue the X-Factor rant) and hopefully by the end  of this article you will agree.

Right, to the music.

I became aware of Florrie’s music through Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast a few months back, the track that grabbed my attention was the Loverush UK! Club Mix of “I Took A Little Something” which I thought was a really refreshing approach to a remix. So, I tried to find more of the same which led me to Florrie’s website where I was greeted with a whole albums worth of free tracks and remixes and like any good music hoarder would, I proceeded to download everything, import it into my ITunes library and then proceed with my usual routine of not listening to it.

I tell a lie, I did listen to one other track first and that was the Fred Falke remix of “I Took A Little Something” which is probably my favourite track to date. You would have thought that that might have been a sign to carry on listening to the rest of the songs there and then, but I digress.


This morning I put on my “Trance, House & Progressive” Playlist, my playlist of choice when working, and a few tracks later the Fred Falke remix came on and I instantly started nodding away. I decided then to finally listen to the rest of Florrie’s tracks expecting much of the same, but to my surprise, they didn’t. Now this can sometimes be a problem, I’m sure we have all done it before, you purchase an album based on a couple of tracks and then feel utterly disappointed  by the rest of the songs, who’s with me? Happily for me the tracks on offer are so diverse, but yet all work cohesively as one collection, and whilst for the most part they have a dance style backbone (the standard thudding kick drum is a classic right?) they are all unique in their own way.

After listening to all of Florrie’s free tracks I had a look through the rest of her website and noticed that she had an album for sale on iTunes which I was happy enough to purchase based purely on the quality of the free tracks, even more so when it cost only £1.79!  As I type I am listening to the latest album “Experiments” and I will write about it in a separate article later on but why wait for my opinion? Head over to Florrie’s website and check out the free tracks, what have you got to lose right?

Let us know what you think of Florrie’s music and any other music, free or not, that you think we should listen to.

P.S Thank you to Florrie for helping us be so productive today and we shall you reward you with a drawing!


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