Karina Eibatova

I have been a fan of Karina’s work for a few years now ever since I stumbled across her organic, illustrated typography set ‘Life In The Alphabet‘ in 2009, I find myself drawn back to her work a lot because her effortless combination of drawing skills and a good eye for design provide endless inspiration.

Recently she has been working on a project entitled ‘Bjork’, here is what she has to say about the work.

All details are the same as on the original tree, size is 1:1. The idea was not to create a painting of landscape but to make a close copy to the real birch

Whilst this portrays the work as an observational drawing exercise in a sense, it is not the execution or the accuracy of the drawing that draws me to this series. It is more so about the way that she has then used the drawing and displayed it amongst the landscape from which it came. This for me provides the real inspiration.

Check out her other work with the Dopludo Collective for more inspiring illustrations.


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