Tell us your favourites?

As we edge closer to the release of the first on-line edition of Lemonade Magazine, or as we have dubbed it, Lemonade 01, we are going to start releasing a few more sneak peeks into what you can expect from this and future editions of the magazine.

Here is one of the features that we plan to implement in Lemonade 02 but just couldn’t find the space to squeeze it into this first edition! so here it is, during our recent interview with Swedish Illustrator Åsa Wikman, we asked her to tell us her “favourites” and here is her response.

Place to visit: Right now Nåttarö, amazing island in the Swedish archipelago.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? : In a massive old Swedish wooden house with my own vegetables growing in the garden and a lake a few hundred meters away and my two fat cats sleeping on the lawn, and if I take my bike 20 minutes through the forest I get to a train that in 25 minutes takes me to east London, that would be the dream, I want both.

Movie: That’s impossible, so many brilliant films… The Big Lebowski, Melancholia, One flew over the Cuckoos Nest, The first two Alien films, Apocalypse Now, I love film so I can go on forever! The Inside Job, a brilliant documentary,  Jaws, I saw it as a kid and still think I could be a victim of a shark attack in my own bath tub!

I am obsessed with those documentaries, have you seen the Zeitgiest? or any of Alex Jones’ documentaries?

Yes, that one as well.

That’s probably a conversation for another time: Yes, I have watched ‘democracy now’ every day for a quite while but then I almost got depressed and had to go back to good old shit BBC and avoid what’s going on for a while.

Right, this one is horrible, I could give you a list that would go on forever! Here it is. favourite band, album, song: Oh, music! I worked with music and rapped for ten years so hip-hop is close to my heart even though I think a lot of the stuff out today is pure crap and has sold it’s soul. I love golden era hip-hop, Pharcyde, Jeru da Damaja, Heather B, I can make a long, long list, in UK I would say Task Force and Lewis Parker. Right now I listen a lot to Little Dragon and Sbtrkt.

Book: The World according To Garp and Hotel New Hampshire by John Irwing I think.

And the last one, one thing you couldn’t live without?: Coffee!and hope.

Right, that’s it, you have been excellent!: Thanks, hope I made sense! I’m looking forward to seeing your magazine! and thanks for asking me to take part, always nice when someone likes what I do, makes me very happy.


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