See, this is why Spotify is a great thing, you want to get some work done so you log on, the homepage loads up and presents you with 6 “New Releases”. Now, there is chance you are probably aware of maybe 2 of them and because we listen to a lot of music that is usually the case. So you are then left with 4 new releases and although you are told thousands of times over not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case music, we still do. and BANG! there goes 2 more. So 4 down, 2 to go and you are left with a choice, Do we take a chance on one of these 2 remaining albums and give it a proper listen or do we give it a miss for today and go straight to the playlist marked “Lemonade?”

Well, luckily for us today we did choose to have a listen and we just so happened to stumble upon one of our new favourite albums. We have a pretty eclectic taste here at Lemonade, I’m sure the range of our music related posts express that, so we’re open to anything.

“Siberia” by LIGHTS has a combination of a lot of stuff that is already on our playlist rolled into one. It has fuzzy, distorted bass lines, catchy courses, dub step style break downs, acoustic guitars and even a progressive house style remix thrown into the mix.

Thankyou Spotify and thank you Lights, we shall reward you greatly with a drawing in your name (LIGHTS that is, Spotify you will have to make do with our gratitude)

Tell us about ways that you came across a new favourite album!


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