Boris Tellegen (Delta)

Boris Tellegen aka Delta is an artist that I have been an avid follower of for sometime. I first became aware of the Dutch artists work after he produced the album art for Linkin Park’s second album ‘Meteora’ and I have been a keen observer ever since.

Known predominatly as a street artist early in his career, Delta sidestepped the traditional route of the graffiti artist and forged a style all of his own, and it is this style that has become synonymous with his name. Delta has now transformed this signature style over the past few years and has developed his graffiti inspired aesthetics into more sculptural and architectural type designs. Looking back over Delta’s portfolio shows an interesting timeline of development, moving from his now infamous satellite styled graffiti pieces, into a mixture of both 2D and 3D work and now into full on architecturally influenced pieces. His most recent work entitled ‘Kindergarten Modena’ is a prime example of this exploration of the third dimension and gives his signature style a completely new feel. Made out of what looks like giant blocks of pre cast concrete, The work also conjures up thoughts of a giant puzzle, with pieces being interchangeable and movable to form an ever-changing  composition. With Delta’s 2D work you almost felt like you actually climb around and over all of the different sections as if it were a futuristic playground, and ‘Kindergarten Modena’ now makes those feelings a reality.




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