Hydro 74

Joshua M. Smith, better know as Hydro 74, is a multi-talented American designer from Orlando. His work can be seen adorning numerous different areas of commercial products from sportswear giants Nike and Adidas to legends of the music world Smashing Pumpkins.

Hydro 74 is known for his vector manipulation work that brings together a street art meets Pop Art style with a little bit of Art Nouveau thrown in for good measure. Now whilst Hydro74 displays a lot of vector design in his work, and one cannot argue with the sheer complexity and skill with which he does it,  it is his use of symmetry and a mastery of type that must not go unnoticed. Whilst his vector manipulation gets most of the attention it is the backbone of a strong understanding of pattern and typography that helps provide a solid structure for his more expressive ideas to flourish and steal the limelight. This amalgamation of techniques and styles is what tips Hydro’s work over the edge and into a whole other dimension, far removed from anything out their at the moment.

Could this be Pop Art 2.0?


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