Kim Høltermand

Sometimes you’ll find an artist with an exceptional talent in creating beautiful work that both excites and fascinates your mind. Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark that creates vivid and emotional images that evoke feelings of wonder and intrigue. What’s more amazing is the fact Kim’s career in photography only began very recently in 2008 and that he holds a full time position as a fingerprint expert for the Crime Scene Unit of the Danish National Police.

A fine eye for architecture and the urban environment is immediately evident in Kim’s body of work. He manages to draw your focus to features, that at first glance, appear mundane and ordinary. Bold geometric shapes and patterns stand out visibly from bleak and subdued image palettes. In fact you would be forgiven in thinking that Høltermand inhabited a bizarre, monotone new-age world akin to David Thorpe’s interpretation of Ruskin’s Nature of Gothic. The only evidence for the presence of colours comes in Kim’s study of the Copenhagen Concert Hall. Here we see earthly yet bold tones that contrast to his image series such as Urban Angles, yet complement the natural world as found in Deserted City and Reflections.

With the approach of the Olympics in London in 2012, redevelopment of what was once a heavily industrialised area has reached it’s peak. Venues, hotels, sports halls and shopping centres are sprouting in and around London at an alarming rate. In observing the beauty of Høltermand’s work I found a new take on this so called ‘progress’ of the urban environment. Recently I found myself riding miles out of my way to study buildings and structures. Navigating across the city, not via signposts, but by new architectural way-points.

Has any artist’s work changed your viewpoint or forced you to look at things in a completely different way?


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