An Interview with Anti-Sweden [Part 1]

Day 5 and today Lemonade continues its series of articles focussing on the art that has spawned from the Norwegian music genre, Black Metal. In this edition we speak with Kjetil Wold of the Norwegian design group ‘Anti’ about their Black Metal inspired clothing company, Anti-Sweden, Enjoy.

Lemonade Magazine: For those who aren’t aware of Anti-Sweden, could you give us a brief introduction to what you guys are about?

Kjetil Wold: Anti Sweden is Anti Denim´s first line of jeans. We are a denim brand who aim to put rebellion back into jeans. As Norwegians we are heavily influenced by the True Norwegian Black Metal sub culture. Coming from Norway we find it natural to build our philosophy around something truly Norwegian. We wanted to challenge our neighbours in Sweden and their successful clothing brands such as Acne, Cheap Monday and H&M. Sweden and Norway have been in a friendly rivalry since the liquidation in 1905 and still continues to this day.

LM: What was it in particular about the genre that became so integral to the formation of the brand?

KW: The sub culture and music will forever represent rebellion, darkness and the power of the individual.

LM: You have worked with illustrator Justin Bartlett and photographer Marius Tharaldsen who I believe helped with some of the concept art and photography, what was it that drew you to these artists?

KW: Justin Bartlett was the first artist we worked with on the Anti Sweden collection and his illustration and background have fit perfectly with us. The raw and very obsessive artwork he produces represents darkness in a way that blew us away. Marius took the images for our second limited line where we created a small series of denims as part of our deal with the devil concept. This concept gave the customers the opportunity to deliver their old Swedish denims to our brand store and get a discount to buy our jeans for only 666 Norwegian Krones. Then we re-used the Swedish jeans, burned them and made a limited Anti Sweden line from them.

LM: Have you had any feedback from any remaining members of the early 90’s wave of Norwegian Black Metal?

KW: We have had good feedback and are proud to say that artists like Satyricon,1349 and Runhild Gammelsæter are not only using our denims but are or have been involved in several projects with us.

LM: Do you still keep up to date with the Black Metal scene and if so, how do you think it has changed over the years?

KW: We are of course following the scene closely and the Black Metal scene is much more diverse today than in the early years. We now see that the scene is highly influential to a broader audience, with new bands rising but still having bands like 1349 and Ulver who are true to the original concept.

Part 2 of Lemonade’s Interview with Anti’s Kjetil Wold coming soon.


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