An Interview with Anti-Sweden [Part 2]

Day 7 and we bring you part 2 of Lemonade’s recent interview with Kjetil Wold of Anti-Sweden. Enjoy.

Lemonade Magazine: Moving away from Anti Denim for a moment, let’s discuss your design studio, Anti. Your work for Anti is very broad and diverse, what is your manifesto?

Kjetil Wold: Anti is short for A New Type of Interference and we are constantly looking for it in our work, either by challenging the way things in a certain genre are executed visually or by finding new and  challenging strategies to create the work.

LM: The branding created for Solberg & Hansen’s black coffee is a really interesting concept and fits in well with the ethos of Anti Denim, Could you tell us a little about the process you went through when coming up with the artwork for it?

KW: Solberg & Hansen coffee was one of our main collaborators when we launched ‘Fashion Week in Hell’, Hell being a small village in rural Norway. The interest for pure black coffee is growing and Solberg & Hansen actually drove to Hell with a coffee-burner to be the first coffee producers in the world who had coffee burned in ‘Hell’. We designed the Black Coffee label for them and they also got some nice PR together with Calico Cooper, daughter of Alice who was one of the models when we presented our jeans in Hell.

LM: You won a number of awards for your design work for your Anti Brand ‘Identity’, the concept really shows a broad range of disciplines and styles within, what was the idea behind the work and why do you think it represents Anti?

KW: The interference focus is something we try to include in all of our work and we have designers who we are truly proud of when it comes to the delivery of excellent design.

LM: Which project created by Anti has been the most important to you guys so far?

KW: The Anti denim brand has been very important for us as we are doing this as a project which has now grown into a company where we can experiment with the design and work with artists we look up to. This has given us a unique experience that we then used in the development of other brands. Massimo Dutti worldwide was also very important, creating the design for their international online store was a great project.

LM: What can we expect from Anti and Anti-Sweden in the near future?

KW: We will continue to develop both of these brands, and aim to continue to improve our execution of the brand. for Anti Denim we are now working with a new concept called ‘Anti Sixteen’ which we already had a pre-release for in Jakarta. Rebellion is a world wide concept and there will be some very exiting new denims and concepts that will hit the market in early 2012. We are also producing a line of t-shirts for x-mas to follow up last years success with the corpse painted Jesus.


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