An Interview with Kim Høltermand [Part 1]

Day 2 of Lemonade’s Christmas Advent Calender and have we got something good for you today! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing renowned Danish photographer Kim Høltermand about his latest work for the forthcoming edition of Lemonade magazine, but in the spirit of Christmas we have decided to give you a sneak peek at the interview to wet your appetite, Take a look.

Lemonade Magazine: For those who aren’t aware of you or your art could you give us a brief introduction?

Kim Høltermand: My name is Kim Høltermand. I was born in Copenhagen in 1977 and used to work as a graphic designer in the advertisement business. In 2007 I bought my first DSLR camera and started shooting and uploading my first series to the Behance platform – and started a wildfire. I now work in the daytime as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police and when I am not looking at fingerprints I work as a freelance architectural and landscape photographer focusing mainly on abandoned structures and desolate places. Using a minimal and de-saturated colour scheme in combination with the absence of people I create an eerie, epic and often lonely mood. Like David Lynch meets Stanley Kubrick.

LM: Many artists hold a traditional day job to foot the bills, what keeps you passionate about creating art in your spare time?

KH: I actually have one of the coolest daytime jobs – I work as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police. I feel like the luckiest dude alive. Working freelance with my photography gives me so much freedom and keeps my creative juices flowing.

LM: To me architectural photography usually entails a degree of commercial aspect, whereas your images have a fine art slant placed on them. How would you classify your own photography? 

KH: I like to classify my work more as fine-art than commercial work. I feel more like an artist painting on a canvas than a factory producing a product for a customer/client. Most of my work actually starts out as personal work and later become “commercial” when clients contact me.

LM: I love the colours, or more accurately the lack of, in your images. It conveys a relaxed and peaceful feeling to me. What do you hope other people take away from viewing your artwork? 

KH: I hope they get to see ordinary structures and buildings in another way than you normally would. The beauty and the soul of these “containers” that we walk in and out of every day. I try to breathe life into them make them tell their story. And hopefully some people understand.

LM: It’s obvious you have a keen eye for lines and geometric shapes; do you think that’s due to your personality or education? 

KH: Both, I think. I used to work as a graphic designer, loving grids, lines, forms and composition and craving the minimal, the cold and the clean. That has also more or less been a part of my personality so I think it all adds up to what I love and what my eyes see – and what I create.

LM: A number of your projects have been photographed in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, what is it about the city that inspires you to document it?

KH: It has the perfect balance between old and new. Recent years there has been a boom in new architecture and some of this is concentrated in one particular area in Copenhagen – Ørestaden. That’s where I love to go when scouting new architecture for my work.

Look out for part 2 of Lemonade’s Interview with Kim Høltermand where we dicuss his recent trip to Iceland for the ‘Outliers’ project as well as much more, Coming soon.

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