An Interview with Nathan Jurevicius [Pt.1]

Day 13 of Lemonade’s countdown to Christmas and we bring you part 1 of our recent interview with illustrator, Nathan Jurevicius. Look out for part 2 coming soon as well as some very cool wallpapers, Enjoy.

Lemonade Magazine: For those who aren’t aware of you or your art could you give us a brief introduction?

Nathan Jurevicius: I’m an Australian artist based in Toronto, Canada and sometimes the US. Probably best known for my limited edition toys, books and game based around my Scary girl brand.

LM: Who or what inspired you to start drawing?

NJ: My father. He’s a potter, painter and art teacher and was the biggest influence on me becoming who I am. He would always provide my brother and me with unlimited amounts of supplies to create whatever we wanted (much to my mother’s horror, who would at the end of each day literally rake up the drawings in large pile).

LM: Can you tell us a little about you education in art? Are you self taught or did you go to University?

NJ: I have a degree in Design majoring in Illustration but self taught using the computer (the Illustrators had limited or no real access to computers during my time at University).

LM: How did you find your time at University? Did it help you become the artist you are today?

NJ: I’m glad I went but I found my time there mostly depressing….maybe it was the school or something personal I was going through. Fortunately during my 3rd year I was offered a series of children’s books from a local publisher…this helped me a lot after graduating and got my foot into the world of full time freelance illustration.

LM: In 2002 you created “How Quest Sought the Truth”, Could you tell us about the creative process for this and how the project came about?

NJ: A design company based in Croatia (Bulaja Publishing) contacted me in 2000 to work with a series of other artists interpreting famous Croatian folk tales. We were allowed to transform these stories in any way we desired as long as they could be presented online. Eventually we all met in Croatia at the Zagreb Animation Festival and showed the project there. It was an amazing experience and a lot of life-long friendships were developed. I’d love to redo my piece though as it looks very dated….but I suppose that’s the nature of developing your work.

LM: What is it about the “How Quest Sought the Truth” work that you find dated? And how would you go about updating it?

NJ: It was created 100 years ago when I was first coming to grips with the computer. Visually and technically it feels dated – like looking at an old hidden photo. Since then my work has evolved and feels more sophisticated. If I was to redo the story I’d probably tell it in a more experimental way, possibly play with live action and animation…pulling out smaller themes and focusing on them. There would be no musical moments in the revised version.


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