Daniel Everett

Occasionally when you’re researching a project you’ll come across an artist who does exactly what you wish to portray and so much more. When I was in my early teenage years I desperately wanted to become an architect. Close contacts in the trade always seemed to try to discourage me and questioned my choice. One year into University and it all became quite clear to me. I didn’t want to jump through endless hoops and lectures for years upon years, I wanted to create, to capture and photography seemed the ideal choice.

Everett’s Departure series really struck a chord with me. The presentation of the environment seems surreal and other-worldly, yet these scenes depict airports. Transport hubs that we all use on a constant basis. The eerie nature comes about due to the strange colour palettes and combinations. Also the lack of passengers and workers in a usually bustling atmosphere lends itself to a somewhat creepy vibe.

I’m a huge fan of urban and industrial photography, and it’s photographers with talent like this and an eye for a beautiful narrative make me want to pickup my camera and go exploring.



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