Irina Vinnik

Irina Vinnik has been producing some exceptional work for a quite a while now but has built a name for herself through a rather obscure outlet, The Calender.

Ok, so probably not the most obscure of outlets, although calenders are usually reserved for bog standard stock photographs of ‘pretty’ things, or the inevitable calender given at Christmas adorned with your favourite sports team or musicians.

Vinnik however has bucked the trend, In 2011 she released the first of her calenders entitled ‘Saurians Renaissance‘ which is a series of ‘Mucha’ inspired illustrations with a modern twist. This year sees the release of ‘The Eyes of Imagination‘. The 2012 calender has all the same stylistic elements that you would expect from Vinnik with a range of floral and organic elements being the main subject.

Here is what Irina has to say about the project.

With the new year approaching, I am excited to represent a new Calendar. This limited edition of the yearbook called “The Eyes of Imagination” is a deep insight into my intangible imaginary world, which I’ve tried to perceive & depict. Each page portrays the spirit of the month as I see it. All of these drawing were created in 2011 and you might have already seen some of them in my sketchbook – it’s my annual report for those who love my paintings.

At $45 you might say that is quite expensive for a calender, and yes, it probably is, but what you end up with is not just a calender but a collection of 12 beautifully produced prints, and even though it is almost Christmas now and you have probably done all shopping, this maybe something you want to consider.


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