Lemonade Advent Calender 2011

This is what we have been working so hard on lately, countless hours of coding, photoshopping, emailing and article writing has led us to this point. So, without further ado allow us to introduce to you the 2011 Lemonade Magazine Advent Calender.

How does it work?

Very simple really (although not so simple for us to design), Everyday at Lemonade we will post teasers in the run up to the release of Lemonade 02, which as you have probably guessed, will be released on Christmas day. Yes, its probably a strange choice of days but why not eh?

What kind of content can you expect?

You will just have to wait and see….. Only joking. You can expect to see Interviews, Preview pages from the magazine, articles and a lot of freebies thrown in, after all, it is Christmas. Think Lemonade 01 dialled up a few notches.

What do you have to do to recieve this content?

Easy, check back everyday, but why not make it easier on yourself? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we will send an update to let you know when the new content has been released.

Other than that, just drop us a message and let us know how we are doing and have a great Christmas!


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