Origins I – Hønefoss


Day 3 and we have something a little different for you. For the second edition of the magazine we have been thinking of ways to expand our content in a way that gives you, the reader, a much broader insight into what makes the artists we feature create the work they do.

So, without further ado we present the first in a line of articles to do just that. ‘Origins’ is a series of articles written by artists about the City, Town or Country that they grew up in, Live in or are inspired by.

We have had the pleasure recently of working with Norwegian artist Silje Marie Kristiansen on a number of things for Lemonade 02, one being the first article for the Origins series. So in keeping with the festive spirit, here is today’s look inside Lemonade 02.

Creatively, there isn’t much inspiration lying around ready to be sucked into your soul and mind in a small town like Hønefoss. A place that to a lot of people feels smaller and less eventful than anywhere else in the world. I could really drag this town through the mud and kick it while it’s down. No disrespect to the boys with flame printed shirts and tribal tattoos driving around in cars for the only purpose of driving around, to the several girls who every year try to make the front cover of FHM magazine, or to the 5 or so pubs you can go to, of which only one used to play good music. It is the type of place where most people usually look common, and if you wear bright red lipstick and a big leopard patterned coat someone will mention it.

Norway is quite heavenly with its beautiful snowy and sunny seasons, its woods, mountains, fjords and northern lights. Located an hour from the capital Oslo and 20 minutes away from the once idyllic island Utøya, where our country got robbed of the statement of never having been attacked by terrorism, is Hønefoss. A small piece of heaven.

Right through the town runs a river that forms a waterfall giving the town its name. Directly translated it reads ‘chickenfalls’, and the few tourists around have to laugh at that. In the waterfall is a sculpture of a tree-sawing-tool from the 15-1800s which has become symbolic of the town. Its got two beautiful parks which sadly no one goes to, for the reason that you don’t want to sit on a bench next to a junkie.  Like the rest of the country, Hønefoss is close upon nature, and we have woods filled with skiers in the winter, and fjords and rivers filled with half-naked people in the summer. Although we have gorgeous scenery, and art in form of sculptures pretty much everywhere, what make this town beautiful are the people.

After the terror attack of 2011, one local person lost her life, and thousands of people gathered in a parade of roses and torches to commemorate. When the local football team made it to the top league, fireworks filled the sky. And when on your way home one night you are bewildered to hear bells from what appears to be the 3 reindeers that a neighbour brought home from the mountain for a few days, you smile for the rest of your walk home.

Even though there is a lack of inspiration to get from cultural events or surroundings, it makes a great place to come home to.

Silje Marie Kristiansen


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