Preview 02

A couple of days ago we showed you a few different page spreads from the new magazine and today we are going to give you a little snippet of the front cover. For the first edition of the magazine released in November we wanted to go for an understated cover, something simple, something clean, but now as we move onto the second edition we have decided to give the cover a bit more pizazz! so we decided to find an artist who we think could give us just that.

As you might have realised by now we quite like having a little bit of suspense and mystery with our content and we aren’t going to change now. That means that all you are getting today is a small, cropped section of the cover and your job is to tell us who you think the cover artist is.

If you think you can know, leave a message on this post telling us who, or drop us a message a Twitter or Facebook.


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