The Art of Flight

I absolutely love films like this. Stunning visuals and awesome soundtracks highlight the beauty of extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking etc. It’s made all the more better when it’s crispy Blu-ray goodness and an early Christmas present to yourself. Check out the amazing trailer below;

The Art of Flight follows on from where That’s It, That’s All left off. Two years of exploring the possibilities of nature, the environment and pushing new boundaries. Following renowned snowboarders Travis Rice, Nicolas Müller, Mark Landvik et all the film takes us to far away places and reminds you that it’s not all about the destination, but sometimes the whole process and the journey that can help define a trip or project. I was incredible disappointed not to be able to see it at the BFI IMAX in November, so instead I’ll have to settle for a bit of Blu-ray action.


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