Endo Customs

Endo Customs

Some people love a good custom screen-printed t-shirt. I on the other-hand adore a well thought out cycling kit. The challenge presents itself in three dimensions, allocating space to please sponsors, working around technical fabrics and materials, standing together as a complete collective kit from head to toe and finally… looking PRO.

In the past you’d either have to be content with a boring and simplistic big brand kit or some garish abomination designed by some crazy person in the club a dozen years ago and rehashed every year or two. Endo Customs aim to correct that. Their designs are fresh and add a new slant to cycling clothing, effortlessly pulling off the look of a big brand even through the collaboration with other designers and teams. Bobby Endo says it best in the video featured below, creating a good looking cycling kit that you feel comfortable in and expresses who you are is the goal of Endo Customs.

Desire to Inspire from Joseph Torres on Vimeo.

Endo Customs kits

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