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AntiDenim 666frames

Being a creative person, inspiration is a vital part of a process towards a visual creation. Looking at illustrations and designs by others, make our minds wander on to new ideas and our own versions of the inspiration. With an urge to look at beautiful things and a need to make beautiful things, you will in the search daily stumble upon pieces of artwork that will satisfy your hunger for inspiration. I’ve recently stumbled upon a book in the making, influenced with dark aesthetics.

AntiDenim, which has previously been interviewed by Lemonade Magazine in an earlier issue, is behind the upcoming book, movie and exhibition 666 Frames. With the gorgeous model Malin Pettersen, AntiDenim shot a film of her movement, consisting of 666 frames. These frames where then handed out to 666 different artists, designers, photographers, illustrators and other creatives, with the freedom to create their own version of darkness based on their particular frame.

An example of contributions for the book is frame #428 by DZO Oliver, titled Ragnarök. It’s one of those kinds of images, where you with continuous staring at the visual will keep discovering new details within the artwork.

Keep a look out for the publishing of 666 Frames at Antidenim.no/666frames.


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